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WordPress Migration

As the saying goes, building a better tommorow. I will be updating and fixing some of the pages on my new blog and hopefully it will be up and running in the next few hours!:)


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oh yes. the title defines everything I guess.

there’s this saying where you determine your fate but fate runs it’s course. Well, sometimes your results potray your effort in a simple way.


Yes, upm xam results are finally out. After the long painful, doubtful wait it’s over. This time my pointer obeys the law of gravity.

Being too involved in all those college errands and club activities sure gave me experience, lots. The economists call it opportunity cost. Blame it on my laziness. I did have time everyday at nite and dawn. Havin “more time meant more effort” but I chose the other way round heheh.

Like da big Ah Seng always reminded me of how diciplined I am to this “personal timetable”.

Muhasabah diri time for me. Gotta change all those bad attitudes during this short holidays and hope it’s for da better.

For this eager to know your marks, logon to http://www.psp.upm.edu.my
Be sure to login and check your current test results. if it’s there. Embrace your fears 🙂

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My 1st Blog

what’s this? all i did was follow da instructions and i’m still lost. blogspot. my first blog. shoutin out to the world all ya need to know bout my life in my beloved university.

the so called ‘universiti pertanian’. it’s universiti putra malaysia.

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