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What is Aikido?

Take a look at this Aikido clip below. It is a demo by Kanshu Sunadomari Shihan. Such splendid timing and readiness of ki. I’ve seen it when I was young during the demo of undisclosed Silat Batin, then the powers of qi by Qi Gong masters, Tibet masters and the masters of Systema from Russia. Is it merely magical or a knowledge in physics we do not possess?

Looks like the opponent is faking it? Read on based on my experience.

Layman terms: ‘Ai’ means love. ‘Ki’ means internal energy /spirit / love. ‘Do’ means way.

Then what makes this art so special? Is it the gracefulness of O~Sensei or the lightning fast techniques of Steven Seagal? Or is it the solidness of Christian Tissier Shihan?

I have no idea, but to grasp the spirit of Aiki is not easy. When I first started Aikido back then when I was 13, I was puzzled nor interested with Aikido yet my father insisted. But then I became an addict when I was 14.

Yet at such a young age I see Aikido not more than just a fighting technique. I knew how to make my shoulders limb and brought strong opponents down but I was missing something. My ikkyo / ikkajo was hard. It did not share the rythm or my partner nor blend in with my spirit. It was downright force.

Then it changed when I conducted experiments with my friend, Naim (1st Dan as of July 2008). We noticed timing, centeredness and blending with the opponent’s force and extension of gravity deeply changed our ikkyo. It was downright without resistance.

Oh dear, almost 10 years into Aikido and as I climb the ladder, so many things I do not know!

I was a non believer of ki. But when we did it right with timing and etc., effortless was inevitable. For now I know Aikido is not just an art, it’s life itself. I may not now what ‘ki’ is nor could teach anyone of it. But I seek refuge from Allah s.w.t., for it is true we are bestowed with the power of mind, unexplainable from just our current knowledge.

So what am I missing? I have no idea, but my feelings tell me Aikido will always be one with me till death comes to pass.


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Aikido & Politics

The day I earned my 1st Dan in Aikido, I was a ruthless teenager seeking for glory and obtaining the art for greatness. 3 years and half after those days, I returned back into my Aikido world, only to find that I have changed too much. No more do I long for promotions but to accept knowledge as it is, to gain as much as I could, for all theories have their assumption and there are no right and wrong. It is only the person who makes it right and wrong.

Thank you, Naim (now 1st dan) and his bro Zaid (now 3rd kyu) for rekindling my memories on Aikido. Technique by technique it seemed like I know it all but I lost all technical aspects. Somehow, I am an Amnesia patient. Nonetheless, I’m back into my Aikido life. The life of training and tranquility.

Politics. I’m retired. Yet they still call me the President. I am a ‘mantan’ = former. Please don’t send any letters to the office addressing me as the president, my term has ended and so has my privileges under the law. I got a call today. The Pro-M UPM wanted the report on MPP 07/08 sepanjang sesi. Well since there is at least an audience ok la. We are planning to make this the first annual report anyway available to anyone by next semester anyway.

Disclosures. Disclosures. Report that is. That’s my job. I will be an auditor, and I love disclosures. So whomsoever you are who betrayed the trust of the people, beware.

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The Corporate Aikidoka


An article I found in Forbes about the aikido perspective in management philosophy made me wonder my aikido applications in my leadership era. Perhaps it is time for me to indulge in the philosophies of of the aiki spirit and make use of my mediation I have once been a part of my life. Needless to say, it was proven once that mediation (breathing into one’s stomach and imagine a thread of gold in there and pushed back as a result of exhaling) does effect my randori. I still remembered the times when I was 15 and I had a randori demonstration for our Sensei Suzalie before he pursued his postgraduate at King’s College. Perhaps time have changed but my spirit did not deter from being ambitious. I have always looked up upon role models and tried to innovate every aspect of life I could to be even more successful. Maybe it has always been in me, as a dreamer.

Nonetheless, do check the article out, it may be useful for your management indulgences. Let me summarize it a little:

1. Keep your hara (center) with all the positive personality you have to avoid opening weaknesses.

2. Start in the right place and enter at the right time in which always position yourself before the event occurs.

3. Always move forward, in Aikikai dicipline they call it the ‘homote’ variation in which you must not freeze up in crisis, always move forward.

4. Anticipate and ensue you know your horizons well. See the big picture as the aikidokas see in randori (an attack with multiple opponents). In the business world, information is all it needs.

5. Ki is special in aiki. In the workplace? I think that’s just our special skills.

Much to learn I guess. Oh well, enjoy reading!


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i’ve been aching to write down my thoughts on this seminar for weeks! Oh well holidays are for sleeping + hibernating anyway.

After years of nowhere at last Aikikai Malaysia hosts it’s own seminar. At last. The last seminar was somewhere in 2002 if my memories are right. Credits must be given to the IIUM students for their best effort in making this event a reality. It’s been years since your talents shine. During Suzalie Sensei’s era as a student I did still recall the glory of IIUM Aikido. Even Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba came for demonstration. I was 15 by then.

None can deny the feeling of love. “Ai” as in aikido bears meaning of harmony or love. Feelings cant express how much you feel like a family during this seminar. Getting to meet up my present and senior instructors was a great feeling.

Suzalie Sensei with his artistic yet devastating techniques, Shazlee Sensei with his preseverance in executing moves, Raymond Sensei with his wealth of techniques, not to forget Zainuddin Sensei in my opinion extremely fast and in practical terms, deadly. And last but not least, my respects to Tuan Haji Haneef. He made aikido look so easy with his posture and energy. Years of training combined with his ability as Mahaguru of Silat Helang Putih Perkasa made him someone to be looked up upon.

Lastly, it makes you think.
“Unity in diversity”. With so many senseis andtheir own thoughts i cannot wonder but ponder how my aikido has become.

My quest for a better understanding of aikido is never ending yet I wonder my purpose in this art. Is it to achieve the greatness of warriors through subduing their energy or to understand the principles of life itself? Aikido is in no way an art of aggression. One can be great in terms of fighting but being closer to God is not an easy feat. Achieve total spirituality in an essence to understand the principles of life will lead to total understanding of the Aikido. Without understanding the terms of aikido how could one even potray the best of himself? Potraying in this term: their technique.

One could not deny the ability of Soke Gozo Shioda in focused power as a result of aikido understanding. One could not deny the abilities of O Sensei throwing people without effort. It’s proven both grandmasters left their mark: to abandon their ego. True victory in budo is victory in yourself. To pacify your hatred,greed and selfishness in achieving the better person. Without this, it seems impossible to realise your own center, the mechanism of ki, unification of mind and body. If this cannot be achieved, the aikido potrayed is like a coconut without it’s water. Light and of no meaning.

Fortunate I am to have to train with so many instructors all with their own recipe. Sonny Loke Shihan (6th dan now i presume) of the yoshinkan style, Jorge Sensei during my years in Negeri Sembilan matriculation, Suzalie Sensei my teacher who shown me the greatness of aikido, Shazlee Sensei young but full of practicality, Raymond Sensei a well diciplined teacher with obvious creativity in aikido and not to forget! Tee Sensei in UPM who shown me the true value of “ai” in aikido. I was aggressive in my quest for this art but enlightened was I.

“Keep one movement Sabrie”. Tee Sensei’s advice changed my aikido forever. I must admit. Thanks!

Most worth mentioning Tuan Haji Haneef and Zainuddin Senseis. So much have I learnt from them I just can’t list them. My aikido would not be better because of their guidance. Achieving shodan is of course, meaningful but what meaning would it bring if it serves like a dead tree which bears no fruit?

I hope to be of those tree who gives life to other places.

In the end,
I realised my quest is just the beginning. Getting to know my inner self and to purify myself in order to be closer to Allah has made aikido my most powerful tool in achieving this. I cannot mention how much fortunate I am to my father for taking the effort to persuade me during my younger years to take up this art. So simple! Yet so hard. Yet so beautiful. My expressions of life.

Dojo! Here I come!

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