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As our company grows and generate more than 200++ employment around Malaysia, I couldn’t help but to remember my younger days.

Those times when my venture went bust and I had no one to turn and settle my business debts.

Those times when I couldn’t even pay for my roti canai and had to ask for money from my staff.

Those times when everyone doubted our efforts and thought it was just another burger stall.

Those times when you cry alone because you just could not settle your problems and there is no way out.

Those times when you act strong and confident to the team but inside you are full of sorrow for you know the next month you can’t pay wages.

Those times when people say you will never succeed because you are just another failed entrepreneur.

But these things changed after my Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca.

Suddenly things went boom after the pilgrimage.

And everything God grants has its reasons. And I know the prayers I made and the reasons.

I did not ask for rezeki, nor I pray to be surrounded by richness.

I only prayed to do righteous deeds and if God grants me the capacity to make money, then let me do it for righteous deeds for afterlife.

And when things go hard, I know it’s just a sign for me to learn because Allah loves his worshippers. It’s just to teach us things which is hard because we need that knowledge to settle problems in the future.

I measure not someone’s wealth as his ability, but his deeds.

Deeds are what is more important in the eyes of God.

For all this wealth, does not last forever. We’re just custodians. Wealth was never ours from the start. It belongs to God. We just administer it. So how could we be arrogant on something which is never ours from the start?


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