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In a capitalist society where wealth is a priority, morality is often overlooked. Except for those social entrepreneurs which are willing to compromise profits as a priority and prioritize social impact.

As I dive deeper into the business world, with all my ambitions in creating larger, bigger and impressive things, I couldn’t help to ignore the issue of morality. Yes, if I fail and can’t build those big things I aspire, who cares? But I do not fear failure as failure is a learning tool. I’ll pick myself up and do it again.

However I am pissed off with some people which “con” people and get off with all the money. Sometimes those are are “con-ed” include people like politicians which drag the rakyat to believe the things they “rasmi” on big ceremonies.

A businessman who is a Muslim should put morality, integrity and honesty above profit. The equation is different;

Revenue = Price x Volume (This is the focus, the more people we serve and bring better impact, the more pahala we get)

Subsequently, with honesty and respect to customers, we gain more revenue which adds to our bottom line, profits. Of course cost are meant to be controlled.

But the point here is morality is the principle behind all this equation.

Muslims are a society who seeks to gain Allah’s pleasure in this life and the afterlife. The problem today is they lose objectivity.

Giving Muslims and the society at large (including non-Muslims) a better life, makes everyone better through an economy based on ethics.


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Character assassination and fear.

I am getting tired of the drama because it went overboard. I am not a supporter of Anwar but Anwar Ibrahim is being accused of everything; from a crook to a sodomizer to an agent of Zionist to an agent of about everything.

I seriously believe the government in power had done lots of things for the rakyat, the ETP, although looks more like a publicity stunt does help our economy bring in the FDIs and GTP is slowly transforming the government machinery into an effective one. But it has it’s downsides as well, with all these political above ethics going on.

Pakatan Rakyat on the other hand looks like the “storming” period as a team is over. They are getting more synchronized and the Buku Jingga is a good read, it’s aspirations can help Malaysia transform democracy into greater heights. However they have their downsides as well, they can’t even form a Shadow Cabinet by appointing each ministry to a single person which leads me to wonder whether there will be chaos if they become the government in power.

But the character assassination for Anwar Ibrahim is getting annoying. I couldn’t find a day since last year when I read Utusan, I wouldn’t see “Anwar’s” name with bad things about him on the paper.

While my aunt who is not IT savvy supports Utusan’s view wholeheartedly, I won’t blame her.

If you keep on telling the rakyat thousands of times, it will rhyme with him.

This is the problem with some Malaysians:

  • They read and hear gossip from others and believe it without asking for the source.
  • They believe everything in the news while almost every media is owned indirectly by the government.
  • They are in awe when they see ministers, it’s like ministers are celebrities.
  • The youth is most gullible, taking pictures and being close with people in power (ministers, key government officials, etc) boosts their ego. Post it up on FB and it’s an upper status for you to show to friends.
  • They care not for politics as it’s messed up.
  • They don’t realise by not taking a stand on politics, they are the reason why corruption and abuse of power are rampant. They fail to see themselves as decision makers or judge for the politicians, instead they do not care and become instruments of puppets to keep corrupted politicians in power.
  • They see character as the pre-requisite of voting someone.
  • They seldom vote someone because of the government policies or governance but vote because they fear by voting another party, they lose their rights.
  • They think loyalty to the government means loyalty to the party-in-power.
  • They are confused and think that government = party-in-power.

Politicians have all the traits of luring people to believe them, a part con-man but with a noble cause, they know how to twist and turn events to their advantage. They are also masters of strategizing and making it look like they are the good guy but their machinery is creating propoganda to get their advantage.

If you think these are all assumptions, think again; I come from an UMNO based family which previously held power in the government and I was myself a pro-government supporter and leader in the university.

Don’t let them lie to you.

Always ask and be inquisitive, seek for the truth. For those who believe others at an instant are like “keldai”.

We are not just a voter, we are the decision-maker and judge for all politicians.

We must stop thinking that only one-party serves our purpose.

Competition is good and give the rakyat better options and alternatives. Although it comes at a cost.

Our loyalty is to the country and it’s people, not to the party in power.

We can choose whoever we like and not be ruled by fear because we choose who will be in power.

Be it BN or PR, I will vote based on governance not fear.

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