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I think I should write this down. It’s interesting to see what happens in the next 5 years, 10 years or 15 years time.

These are my ambitions and with Allah’s grace and blessings, hopefully I can achieve my dreams~

5 years

  • Get married and at least 1 children
  • Get my MBA from an Ivy League university
  • Turn around my company to profitability and scalability
  • Get my company listed on Bursa Malaysia (wah this is not easy)
  • Help 500 entrepreneurs to be financially aware and competitive to manage their business.
  • Help 50 bumiputera entrepreneurs personally to value competition and value building to sustain and grow their business to greater heights with the right guidance.
  • Manage at least RM5 mil of funds from investors in unit trust.

10 years

  • Buy my parents a big house with maids hoho..
  • Get another 2 kids?
  • Get a CMSL license for a personal financial advisory firm
  • Gather friends and investors to open up a Private Equity and Venture Capital company
  • Focus residual income on angel investment for aspiring entrepreneurs

15 years

  • Acquire an investment fund and buy an Islamic bank? (wtf? Am I serious?)
  • Help as many entrepreneurs as I could

Weird objectives. Don’t know how on earth I can achieve all these. But I’ll give it my best shot.


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How I craft my views on the Dilemma

I’ve been out of the political realm ever since I graduated.

And I do not plan to go into it until I prove my point.

Although I admit I was in the pro-government (Aspirasi) camp in university, my leadership has always been about democracy, fair rule, good governance, social justice and non-partisan leadership.

Although being a Malay and in Aspirasi automatically associate yourself as pro-UMNO, I did not favour any party or be favoured by any.

Since childhood I am deeply attached to my late grandfather and harboured ambitions to be a politician like him.

He was a strongman in UMNO, being appointed as  Chief Minister and sits in the UMNO Supreme Council until his death.

I remembered fondly of the times when I was young, we would visit the old Seri Perdana every year and I was very proud to meet Tun Mahathir at a very young age.

Like any young Malaysian, I am proud of my Prime Minister.

However, as I grow older, my views differ from my late grandfather but nonetheless, I respect their contribution to grow this country and their sacrifices in making things better for everyone.

Dilemma in my eyes

I do NOT believe government intervention is the ONLY solution to help the Malays. It is only a PART of a solution.

Government legislation / intervention creates tangible results but intangibles are never created if the focus is entirely on the former.

Businesses in Malaysia should be an open market economy with competition where new entrants could enter the market with minimum regulation while monopolies, cartels and racial discrimination in trade should be prosecuted to the CORE.

Entrepreneurs are made to compete, affirmative action lessens the effect of competition and creativity which could decrease our competitiveness to create more wealth.

What the Malays lack is intangibles.

What are these intangibles?

The ability and knowledge to make money. The ability to create wealth. The ability to compete and reach greater heights.

Looks around us today, if you pick your Malay friends and ask them about growing money; property flipping, stock analyis, understanding of fundamental and technical analysis, simple mechanics in returns and costs of debts?

Sadly to say few. (Pease prove me wrong).

I see my non-Malay friends having more than RM30k above although they come from a middle class family after they graduate.

Where did they get those money?

It’s because of knowledge passed down from generations.

Look at bumiputera shares allocation in Bursa? The government is struggling to get “us” to subscribe.

This proves my point, how strong our government advocates Malay prosperity (benchmark of 30% equity), they will never reach it unless someone steps up into the crowd and get the Malays equipped with knowledge.

The real dilemma is equipping our people with knowledge.

As for now, the knowledge we get from universities are purely theoretical.

Someone or anyone needs to play their part to open the eyes of the Malays and equip them.

Not fuel their fear and anger.

Because that will lead to nowhere.

It is sad to see Malaysia lagging behind in the world economy.

The only way everyone can grow, is where Malaysians regardless of race help one another to grow their knowledge and subsequently wealth.

Being taught to fear others is like living in a trap. Not going further nor backwards.

I fear the real dilemma.

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I haven’t been updating my blog regularly nowadays because I’m too busy getting things done for my new company.

Just some snippets:

  • I am now in Perfect Fresh & Frozen, a locally registered franchisor in Malaysia dealing with frozen food and meat products.
  • I’m still in pursuit of getting myself in the “Wall Street” eventually. At the moment I am realising of how “value investment” works for “Real Street”.
  • My company has been in operations for 3 years ++.
  • Our customers include Felda Villa, majority of restaurants around Kajang and Bangi area.
  • If you are a restaurant or someone in need of meat supplies (lamb, goat, frozen seafood, indian buffalo, australian meat, cow), you can contact my company at +603 8739 3042.
  • We have sijil HALAL by JAKIM.
  • We do delivery for restaurants but the order must be big.

So what’s so special about my company?


  • We think about you and your customers. We understand that in the service food industry, you need quality and consistent supply to ensure your cooked food taste delicious and gain recurring customers to grow your company.
  • We actively service you. We are not here for a one-off transaction. We maintain close relationships by ensuring you get more from your purchase. We want to know your needs and customize our delivery plans for you.
  • In the future, we plan to lower your costs by doing shared marketing together and connecting you to our local suppliers to reduce your costs and get fresh products.


  • Fresh and consistent meat supply, always.
  • We practice hygiene aspects according to HACCP and GMP practices.

Our main value proposition

  • 5KG above, wholesale prices.
  • 5KG below, cheaper than major hypermarkets in Malaysia.
  • Complementary customer care and service for FREE.

The address is at No 15, Jalan Impian Murni 1/5, Saujana Impian, 43000 Kajang, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Our website is at http://www.perfectfreshfrozen.com

We are open from 9am – 10 pm everyday!

Telephone us at +603 8739 3042.

Wish me luck for the business!

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