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When a company is growing,

Some people has the perception that bosses who own the company could do as they wish. Some bosses also agree their directives are their right as they own a company. Some do not care about natural justice while their team are lost without a sense of personal advancement and achievement.

What they forget is that how perfect a system could be in place, how excellent an employee could be, how many training is provided, how good their product is for their customers, how large their market size and potential is, none of this can be tapped without people.

Humans in this age are given the choice to choose, make decisions and freedom to move up or down the society ladder at their whim.

A company would be soul-less without it’s people.

When it’s people is driven with a sense of motivation (not mere pushing and expecting the team to think like owners/shareholders) and be recognized / accepted as part of the team, they will naturally work harder. It is because they feel they are a part of it. A clear example: No one would love another human being when they do not have personal emotions with it.

The team must be respected, pushed to the limit to achieve their potential for themselves and the company.

At the same time,

The team must remember, without the shareholders, they would not be there in the first place. There would never be a source of income nor would there be any work.

Respect vis-a-vis is a must.

Shareholders would naturally want their team to be accountable to them. They are the umbrella of the company which upholds the pillar of principles laid out in the vision and mission of the company. They own the company.

Like it or not, they have absolute right according to the constitution of the company and it’s laws governed by a country.

The management works for shareholder’s wealth but at the same time, the shareholders work to ensure their team moves up the society ladder and can achieve their personal dreams.

No man deserves to be at the back seat in a “bus”. They must move from the back to the front. If they refuse to move, they should be motivated to move. If they still refuse to move up the ladder, they should be productive. If they are not productive, they should be thrown out of the “bus”.


Humans will always be prone to mistakes and unethical behaviour. Discipline is the pillar and principles of the company can never be compromised.

Corporate culture is made, it is not written on paper. Those who do not adopt the culture are like cancer. The way they communicate will spread to others and create a set of actions against the principles.

These actions must be dealt swiftly.

As just a company could be, as caring a company could be to it’s employees, when discipline is compromised against the principles laid out, it will never be forgiven. Such people should never be in the company from the first place.

It takes guts and emotion-less decisions to handle people. Dismissing people from their source of income is not an easy task. But it must be done by every leader when the time comes.


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