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As I go deep into my Masters programme I keep searching for the capitalism I aspire. Can ethics fit into capitalism? The key point here is that capitalism is not materialism. It is two different aspects.

Free market system is meant to be free but humans are humans. We will do whatever it takes to win, even when it means going above or below the system. Can a system be effective with governance? Look at Enron and Lehman Bros.

I believe the system must be a “free market system” and heavy penalty weight-age goes to offenders of ethics. For example, hoarding should receive the greatest penalty and the same goes to corruption.

The economy must be revolved around ethics, not around profit. When ethics prosper, profits increase because of legitimacy and confidence. Government’s role is to effectively ensure the system is as fluid as possible for everyone to trade. But it’s just a theory and in theory we have assumptions. However I believe this is much better than the economic system we have now in Malaysia.

Just my 2 cents, have to develop this idea from a scholaristic point of view.


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