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It’s been quite some time since I last posted on politics and patriotism but I think the things I’ve just went through deserves some food for thought.

I have always been preached on unity. In me flows the blood of the Malay people, Javanese, Chinese and even the Morocco people. I am proud of my family which have managed to be the pillars of leadership in this country by becoming the ministers and even the prime minister. I was thought resilience, survival and respect for everyone from my alma mater Victoria Institution. As a younger generation, I cherish competitiveness than freebies.

Yet as a Malaysian I cannot seem to hate this thing more than any other thing in the world which is “silent racism”.

Ask any Malaysians what they felt deep inside and majority would agree sometimes they do have such thoughts against other races.

When will this stereotyping end?

What is the cause of this? Who is the poison of such racial disunity amongst us younger generation?

First it could be our own parents. I remembered once my friend told me his mother wouldn’t want him to befriend me as I am a “Malay”. Those that went thru affirmative action policies or 16/5 would experience something which is rooted in their hearts and it’s not easy for them to go away. Yet unknowingly, parents forget that as Malaysia progresses, it goes the same for the policies and younger generation would not feel what you feel. So stop poisoning us.

Second it could be politicians. When I was an MPP I felt sorry for my “non-bumi” friends or should I refer them as “Malaysians”, that a politician openly admitted they are “pendatang” according to the constitution. Yet they are born here. What would they feel when they are spoken to in such a way? Of course hatred towards the race who that politicians belongs to. I feel the same way when I am threatened with such remarks.

Third, affirmative action which should have stopped. Some research from renowned institutions put bumi equity at 45% some put it at 18.9% and some at 35%. I am happy with Datuk Seri Najib as our PM when he liberalised the economy and put in new competitive policies. In my opinion, NEP was a great plan for the short term, but nowhere it is good for long term as it would be abused. My father was a product of NEP which created an upper middle class and I am also a derivative of NEP. However, younger generation like me do not need NEP nor would I want one. I want to compete and earn what I could according to my effort. If I was given too much privileges it would be similar to someone who is “manja” and can’t stand with his own two feet without his parents.

These are the POISONS that I went through in my 23 years of age. I cannot say more that I love my bros and sis be it Malay, Chinese, Indians or natives as we are Malaysians.

Perhaps I should start a simple effort by making myself different, when people ask me what race I am, I should answer him, “I am a Malaysian Malay” or just “Malaysian”.

I guess it’s time that I put my foot down, and contribute something to my beloved country. I will fight these racists until my utopian dream of seeing my future children loves one another and strive for success in the global arena regardless of race.


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