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Whew! It took me months to complete this just for accuracy! Well, if you’re interested you can buy it directly from lulu.com. You’ll get to start spending the Muslim way right away with your free calculator!

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Product description:

Introducing the world’s FIRST ever Islamic Personal Budgeting Toolkit!

This toolkit teaches you how to use your money the Islamic way through the ‘ready to use’ FREE Islamic Personal Budgeting Calculator.

Targeted for Muslims and non-Muslims, you will significantly learn to:

  • Allocate resources for Pursuit of “Spiritual Reward & Wealth Generation” (Muslims desire for spiritual and worldly success rather than just worldly wealth)
  • Learn Islamic Values in Budgeting (Importance of Charity, Zakat, Practice of Debts.
  • Practice Islamic principles in your finances (Islam as Ad-Deen @ way of life)
  • Understand the “Islamic Concept of Need” (how not to overspend and oversave)
  • Increase your Islamic knowledge in the financial area (Quran, Hadith and Fiqh)

The Toolkit Features:

  • Learn only the things you need to know with the FAST Track index.
  • Understand Islamic principles and start right away in less than 5 minutes.
  • Just key in your expenditure and savings amount into the calculator and get immediate results.
  • Guide on using the FREE Islamic Personal Budgeting Calculator.

Purchase the toolkit and you get (priced at US$25, US$10.50!):

  1. Spend Like A Muslim – Islamic Personal Budgeting Solution (PDF File)
  2. Islamic Personal Budgeting Calculator (Excel File)

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