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I am currently doing a simple research on entrepreneurship. For my readers from Malaysia which have an interest in entrepreneurship or wanna achieve financial freedom, I need your help on completing the research.

There are 17 simple questions only and I’m using google form so it should be very friendly. Thanks a lot in advance! Your time spent answering the survey is greatly appreciated!

Click on this link to access the form: Information Availability for Financial Freedom & Entrepreneurial Creation in Malaysia


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Pernahkah anda melihat manusia yang mengejar pangkat?

Pangkat yang baginya dapat memberikannya kuasa dan berniat untuk membangga2-kan diri kepada orang lain?

Adakah kamu melihat dengan kedua-dua matamu rintangan yang mereka perlu lalui,

Atau kejatuhan mereka setelah mendapatkan ‘pangkat’ itu samada sewaktu manusia itu masih kekal bernafas atau hanya dalam ingatan?

Pangkat itu bukan hakiki ataupun mainan dunia semata-mata,

Tapi anugerah dan amanah yang dipikul oleh manusia itu sendiri.

Senyumlah kepada mereka yang memiliki kejujuran dalam melaksanakan amanah.

Kerana hanya dengan kejujuran sahaja manusia itu dapat memahami “anugerah” dan mencapai kegembiraan dengan keredaan dariNYA.

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All these are based on my personal experience and I write it down so that others won’t make the same mistakes I’ve made or mistakes I’ve observed others did. I think these mistakes would be most relevant to student leaders especially Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar.

1. Don’t demand respect from your peers, it will never come. Respect is a given, it comes from the heart. It comes naturally for those unique qualities you possess and utilize (skills, etc)

2. Don’t encourage nor be in love with your organization members. It will lead to your downfall through bad mouths spoken by your members. Professional conduct is a must.

3. A leader without a vision is similar to a newborn baby appointed as the President of a Nation / Country. Without any vision you can’t achieve anything significant.

4. For long term results and praises, go for intangible results. For short term results and praises, go for tangible results.

5. An organization that does not create tangible results would lead to further demotivation with a ‘given time’.

6. Allowing a member in the organization to slack off (lazy, ponteng) is the start of the organization’s downfall. This particular member must be dealt with. If slacking off is still apparent, forced resignation is applicable.

7. It’s better to safeguard the interests of the people who contribute to the organization and are loyal to the organization than protecting those people sucking-up to you in its entirety.

8. Trust, dedication and loyalty between “leaders-members” is the foundation of growth.

9. Recruit the cream of the crop (trustworthy, willingness, IQ & EQ intelligence) as your team members and not who talk-a-lot but does nothing.

10. First impression is a false assumption, constant impression is a near-accurate assumption.

11. Do not reveal secrets to those who are not trustworthy.

12. Do not take subordinates of your superiors as your protectors and listener unless they have proved their trustworthiness as those who are close to you could be your next betrayers and slanderers.

13. Never trade your religion / faith / principle with unlawful acts (example: accepting bribes, prosecuting when you know it is wrong)

14. Always assess and evaluate potential threats and opportunities on your environment to increase your “grip” with your current strength and cover your weaknesses.

15. Never trust fully the person with the running mouth (gossip, create stories, sucking-up to you, bodek), they may be entertaining but they will be the first to betray you in any case.

16. Keep and gather allies, be it friend, enemy or rivals for he who commands the battlefield wins half the fight.

17. Never let the ball off your feet and slack off for one second.

18. Always be truthful in your cause and not deviate. Anger is the cause of destruction to self and organization. Being proud is the source of failing to keep rule #14 in check.

19. An act of kindness and responsibility for governance and leadership is solely for Allah s.w.t., unjust doing leads to self-corruption.

20. Titles and decorations are purely responsibility given by Allah, as leaders we are stewards and shall discharge our duties for the benefit of all, not betray the oath we have promised.

21.Always  be humble, everyone including you do not favour those who are proud of themselves. Humbleness + intelligence is the essence of loyalty and respect.

22. A leader who slack-off will destroy his / her organization in a “time” period.

23. A person who becomes a leader solely to pursue his personal intentions will be stewards who those not understand his people and subordinates.

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