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Students Political Fight.

Yin and Yang.

That’s about it.

For ye to understand.

Action speaks louder than words.

Sometimes knowledge makes one see the light when all is dark.

Never let the ball of your feet, they tell you when u play soccer.

I tell you, he who conquers the field wins half the fight.

For every wind is not the same wind.

Idiots see every wind as the same wind.

Simply idiots are those deceived.


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Yes, keep on hopping.

I have an idea that is so cool I would be presenting this to our beloved Prime Minister.

Maybe for our next election, all Pakatan Rakyat members contest as Barisan Nasional members or vice versa, so for the election, all candidates are BN or PR candidates!

And when the candidates win, all hop to form a new government.

If they feel like they don’t like it, all hop to form another new government.

It’s so cool we can have new mentri besars everyday.

For every 5 years of election, we will have 365 x 5 = 1,825 menteri besars.

Then we can have 1,825 new policies.

And perhaps we can have 1,825 times of investors thinking of the ‘perceived benefits’ investing in Malaysia.

Keep on bunny hopping, you are teaching the younger generation a very, very, very good lesson.

Thank you Malaysian politicians for making our votes look like your toys.

May Allah bless you in the afterlife and for non-Muslims, good luck in your afterlife.

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