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Work. Work. Work.

Yes that’s right. Work and work and work. How about health? Let it be, we’re still young.

I dunno, my term in MPP and UPM is like already passed so I juz wanna work.

New objectives in life. 2 of em.

New long term tasks at hand. 2 of em.

Existing short term task. 1 of em.

One side activity.

So many things to do hoho


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checkmateCan I just say that certain people are just too nostalgic?

Wars in the year of 1189 and 2008 are a totally different game.

Politics in 1971 are different from 2009.

When we agree that humans advance themselves technologically every second, transforms into a different society and political mindset evolves from monarchy to democracy, we have to agree that every situation is a different ball game.

It’s a matter of long term or short term planning.

Do not expect to build a skyscraper the way you build a Palace of Versailles in the past. Live now, shape the future.

Get your concepts right. Checkmate.

When will all of us understand?

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Realities of Life

dead_sea_sunsetThey say you become wise as you become a man.

They say the young is full of energy because they never know the barriers in front of them.

They say brain beats brawns.

They say the strong oppress the weak.

They say you have to be in the ‘family’ to be powerful.

They say with power you command the world.

They say with faith you command your inner self.

They say things and being naive, you believe.

They say things and being mature, you caught them.

For they ask why have they been deceived and bullied.

For the weak are those that do not seek knowledge till the end.

For the weak are those that ask why but do not find the reason.

For the weak choose to assume upon hearing but not understand.

Whatever path it may lead to, only two things matter.

Change is a reality only with intelligence and time.

Success is always a matter of perseverance.

Impunity exist only for those without knowledge and those who does not use it.

For “The Most Gracious, Most Merciful Allah s.w.t.” has already determined our course.

For my life experience sends me shivers and myths of rainbow.

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The annual pilihanraya kampus has returned. Most IPTAs in Lembah Klang would battle it off for the seats in the council for the PRK 2009. Nonetheless, such elections aint for those with ill-willed, happy go lucky and for-fun-let’s-get-elected. Our student elections have been passed down from generation to generation with this element I call it: reflective democracy. Translate that into plain english; mixing up and assuming student politics are on equal ground with national politics.

In reality, majority of the students do not care at all or even understand the reason they should vote for their representatives. Why? You may say simply say because MPP do not perform their duties until students do not see the need for an MPP at all. My answer: MPP has been given the provisions under the law to execute their duties but to carry out these duties, a whole hearted, dedicated team would need to be in place. Should these seats be filled with people who do not understand why they are there at the first place or even champions a group agenda without understanding what the students really need, you can nod your head and agree that students won’t care about MPP.

A mistake not to be made is this:  “another 3 months to election day, let’s be more active and campaign more (make more noise and get attention), and when we (win or lose), keep quiet until the next 3 months before election.”

Winning just don’t work that way. Just like; getting friends take time, creating trust takes honesty (time) and respect needs credibility building (more time and proving your worth). So if you are starting to campaign now and think the students would care, I wish you good luck, try next year aite? Whatever it is, those who aspire to win the elections should have campaigned ALL the TIME. Not when the campaign is near. That’s why people won’t trust or care about what you campaign for them, they don’t know you and it’s very unlikely they would like you.

Whateva it shall be, my principles have always been for students to act intellectually. Intellectual in my terms are as follows:

  • Using 3 main aspects to project it: reading books/journals/literary , applying what you learn in real life and learning from your mistakes and lastly gaining experience and teaching others your skills.
  • Do not Assume. Never assume. Always put down the facts right before taking action.
  • Do not define. Explain. Some people tend to use complicated jargons to make them look smart, for example: saying “cyclical unemployment” towards a crowd of non-economic knowledge. By doing that you are just learning to use a term. You should explain the term and apply it. The key here is applying it not showing off your vocabulary knowledge.
  • Be a strategist. Lose the battle not the war. To win the war use all the tools you have. In layman terms, use all avenues you fool. Dosen’t mean a brick wall is there you have to pecahkan. Climb and get over it.
  • Go the extra mile and learn the art and tactics of politics. Politicians will teach you tricks but that’s about it. See the world. Read political figure biographies! From the Audacity of Hope (Obama), Muqaddimah (Ibnu Khaldun), My Life (Bill Clinton), The Malay Dilemma (Tun Mahathir), The Chinese Dilemma (Yi Le Sheng), The Just Prince (Sulwan Al-Muta), READ IT! It will teach you all you need to know in the world to succeed in politics. For they have walked the path as you had and some things might just be applicable. But the best book I’ve read from all of em is “Power Plays”. This political book rocks! From the way Tony Blair paved victory for the Labour Party to Junichiro Kuizomi won the Diet, it states everything a “mahasiswa” should know.

Well, I wish good luck to everyone for this year’s Pilihanraya Kampus. I’ve discharged my duties to the best of my abilities during my days in my MPP Seat and hopefully all would not go in vain. I know it would not, as long as students strive  and work to acquire knowledge than anyone they deem as superior to gain the advantage. God willing, with time and effort, the intellectual tradition which I see is starting to bear fruit, when flourished, would return the glory of students as one of the respected entity by the community/masyarakat, not just students who dont know and cepat melenting. I pray the day would come when our working adults, graduated working people, PhD or any other people who have better qualification than students, would look up highly at our student leaders with respect, admiration with effection, just like how we are in awe with students who are in Harvard or Cambridge.

For I know the day would come when you choose to change and make excellence your tradition.

All the best. Signing off from duty as your official president in hours to come.

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It’s almost the 12th day of the Gaza offensive by Israel and it’s absolutely disheartening to see the Muslim world powerless politically, economically and almost in every sense to stop Israel from beating the hell out of Palestinians in Gaza. Gone are the days when at least a Muslim country could be considered a significant and strong state to alter the political landscape. I see demonstrations in the streets as plainly emotions at heart in which we could only contribute emotional support which is very much intangible.

But we forget. Forget the Muslims world did. We still hold significant economic power.

Tun Mahathir has called the boycott of jewish products, followed by the Malaysian Muslim Consumer Association today which would boycott Coca Cola as a start followed by other products which are deemed as “possess jewish interests”.

It’s time for Malaysian Student Leaders to take action and follow suit on an economic boycott. This will give us a double edge benefit: helping our Malaysian industry & creating a consumer-centered business model. How?

Well you see, I do hope the next MPP SeMalaysia or MPPK members would coordinate a “systematic boycott”. With IPTA students numbering more than 500k at aggregate, it’s a force to be reckoned with intelligent mobilization. The concept is mainly;

  • Work with Consumer & Industry Associations, NGO : Student Associations should approach all the crowd pullers for a start and ensure the association pledge for boycott of “selected” products. This would create media coverage and probable chain effect.
  • Provide Substitute Products : A triggered idea. Should product X (Coca Cola) be taken out from the market and we promote a substitute, product Y (Malaysian Beverage brand) would receive free promotional effect. Should work only if the substitute product share almost the same characteristics. Good business opportunity for our industry. Imagine many other products. Good time to promote Barangan Buatan Malaysia.
  • Segment labeling : With the help of associations, let’s get the merchants in the association to label these products as “our systematic boycott” or in any colour in their stores. Can you imagine majority wouldn’t buy it because others would be looking at you buying something with support a war cause? Ah the mircale of psychology.
  • Use Social Networking : I see many Gaza causes springing up in facebook and friendster, what better way to coordinate systematic boycott through these communication channels and recommending substitute products.
  • Carefully select products to boycott : We wouldn’t want our industry to be in trouble don’t we? Let’s examine which products would be wise to boycott at a start and which we can live without. Then we work to boycott others from there.

Mind you, I have jewish friends and I am totally against suicide bombing and I am not anti-semitic but i am against the Israeli politicians who possess so much self interest and influenced by their ‘oligarchs’ and think tanks. Look what will happen to the children who survived in Gaza after this war. They would be traumatized and would sow hatred in their hearts. It creates more and more problem. We Muslims should learn from what I read in the Roman Abromovich biography, the author states that jews possess “ceiling effect” which made them resilient. Perhaps Muslims should learn from our jewish friends.

Anyway, since I am no more the student leader, I do hope our student leaders would do this in the future. Let’s act smart. Let’s imitate political tactics employed by Ghandi. Let’s use intelligence.

For all this are not driven because of hatred, but it’s the only tangible aid we can offer to comfort the tears of the Muslims in Gaza.

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