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There’s a saying in Malay, “jangan cepat melatah” or maybe these words; “jangan menghukum tanpa usul periksa”. I have always kept this principle in my heart from my previous experiences in UPM. I could not admit that I really enjoyed my life in UPM as much as I did in Victoria & KMNS but nonetheless I see UPM as ‘the place’ that have groomed me to understand the beautiful and ugly realities of life. A painful lesson I learnt before I was the MTM President of KPZ, believing rumors and ‘khabar angin’, letting these unproven news to decide my judgement. I still remembered the day I was insulted as a man of no principles till the day when I was plotted during my tenure, but it taught me what I needed. Who are my friends, trusted friends, allies, parasites and enemies (be it dalam atau luar selimut).

As for my life now, the curtains of 7th semester is coming to a close and I shall be off from campus starting this December. 3 & 1/2 years of being active in all activities in UPM, I never knew how it was to be a ‘time luxurious’ student. During these years I am proud to say that I have met and knew friends by the hundreds, thousands probably from all the colleges and faculties, but only very few remain as ‘trusted friends’. Trust is a scared word, you can respect, befriend and create the bond of friendship but trust is a whole meaningful game.

Nonetheless, why trusted? Again, it’s the ‘khabar angin’ factor. People want to believe what they hear except when those which may harm them physically or emotionally. Other than that, all khabar angin would have a slight acceptance to full acceptance. Only those that choose to use their brain to think, would judge and interpret after understanding the whole situation. And yet they call themselves, ‘mahasiswa’?

Just like friendship, the same applies to organizations.

Recently I got calls on isu makanan which had some descriptive details on the 1 year MPP effort. From the ‘harga sewa mencecah RM10k’ to all the decisions in the meetings. It was circulated on many reasons.

The UPM students need to know what was really happening so that they would realise their rights as consumers. Nonetheless, should they circulate and change, the article into a propoganda-like manner, ‘the propagandist’ appears. And they did. You have just revealed yourself from your cloak, now they know who you are.

It was a double edged effect. Be truthful and spread the news but if you choose spread it with self or group interest, you have just defined yourself.

Hearts of men. Such will never change.

Classic case. Repeating the acts and scenes of Mario Puzo’s Godfather.


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1. Many have asked me why have I been so quiet especially after my last post on the month of July. Thousand apologizes but I am caught up with my MPP duties which consumes my time like crazy it’s very similar to working full time and to make it much more interesting, it’s my final semester in campus, yes, final. In which I am to complete my thesis which again, makes me get less sleep almost everyday to come up with the perfect academic literature which possess information which is valid and reliable. Well for those that do not know, the title of my thesis is “Commercialization of Research Output : UPM Perspective”. Hah! Redundancy of data, technology transfer which is commercialized for business purposes from Malaysian universities in terms of literature or secondary sources are soooooooo hard to find. I have to get journals from US and UK just to make that comparison.. nyway, it’s a great title, should I am an entrepreneur one day, I would definitely invest heavily on R&D to gain competitive edge and project my business out into the international arena, that have always been my dream.. dreaming on..

2. I would get back into blogging and re-arrange my time for better management, nothing comes without hard and smart effort. Procrastination has always been an enemy.


3. Nyway getting back to why I posted the day after 16th september, oh well.. I am particularly concerned with the latest developments in our beloved country’s political scene. As all of us would have known by now, our Opposition Leader (i remain neutral ok, he is our opposition leader as well as DSAAB our prime minister) have pledged prior before to ensure a newly formed PR government on this historic day. But come as it goes, BN government is still in power as of this day I am writing, 17th September. I would really have to say that Mr. Anwar is playing a very high risk game in his political career, should there be no change of government, his credibility and trustworthiness among the rakyat would deteriorate and the ball would be back at BN’s court as bullets against the opposition. Should he succeeds, I must agree that he is a brilliant politician and strategist, worthy a name in history as one of aspiring leaders. However, I do hope things go well in Malaysia, in the end politics do not matter when our life is in chaos.


4. Yes, from the press out there it seems to show that Malaysia is now having an unstable government. Everything seems chaotic. Lets look at two views first;

5. From the external point of view, we should know that recently Lehman Brothers has been declared bankrupt, we are at the edge of so called subprime crisis. Once if it does happen at US, boom economic recession.

6. Food production and commodity. In the 90s, China and India did not require as much commodity as it is now. We have additional users and everything is going up. Demand is up and supply is low. Naturally everything gets expensive and inflation hits any country. Purchasing power decreases and things go unstable.

7. From the internal point of view, we are facing these external factors and the government is doing their best to get things at a controllable level. Penang island is not as attractive now as is China. Labour costs are low and in Malaysia, we are having a problem of getting critical knowledge workers. Yes critical thinking, creative, innovative, not graduate and go interview, 4.0 flat but can’t talk a single thing.

8. And we have issues with HINDRAF, ISA, and the lists go on. And to make it worse, political parties are commenting on every single thing and it escalates.

9. So what is the impact? A study done on emperical evidence on institutional investors decision to make an investment was made from which journal i dah pernah baca, investor communications yield a mean of 4.2 from 5.0. Tahniah lah, that means Malaysia is having a tough time directing foreign investments during the turbulent of times, uncertainty in the world economy plus internal issues, kita rakyat yang bermasalah.

10. So what should we do? Some say change government, some say let rakyat dictate. Truthfully I would say that I do not know but I know one simple solution. Be united and work on addressing these challenges. We love Malaysia don’t we? We want things to go well for our country. Not read political news every single day, we want to be a strong nation. At the moment, looks like everything is a mess.

11. Some say we need justice, some have been framed, some are framing, ah what is the matter with Malaysia these days. Everything seems to be out of control. Then we get groups yearning for justice, transparency and equality…


12. I am not in the mood of defining the word justice in academic persona like I have always refered to what that scholar defined it and that scholar define that like my thesis but do think about this;

13. During Malaya Japanese occupation, we were told that they come for justice, Asia is for Asia they say, and British do not give justice. Therefore everything related to British during the occupation was not defined as justice but tyranny. And you can figure out what justice means when the japanese are out and the British came.

14. For me, there is only 2 types of justice in this world; Universal justice and human justice. Universal justice in my terms are Islamic in nature which is comprehensible to the elements of shariah. It is the word of Allah s.w.t and no matter how we may debate about it, sharia is justice till the hereafter. Human justice on the other hand is defined by who has the “power”. Should I be an emperor, I can impose rules and codes, juz like Napoleon Bonarparte and I would say, “that is justice”. And the masses would have to accept since I have the power. And when I am being disposed from my imperial throne juz like what happened to Napoleon, his civil codes were considered as null by the rulers during the Congress of Vienna. So how do you define justice?

15. Therefore human justice evolves and changes with those who owns the society while universal justice stays on forever.

16. Although these are my views but it could lead to fallacy of generalization, therefore, not academic in nature, my sources are just my point of views and remembrance of my thoughts.


17. Too many factors to think about but I really do hope that usage of powers by those who have been given the power use it wisely without any corruption. It is humans which abuses everything from laws to whatever they have. We also do need to be responsible in voicing out our concerns bukan nak kisah menang aje, whateva things we say may effect our country and in the end who lose out? Us. Rakyat.

Then there is this Member of Parliament (MP) changing camps issue. Just like justice, everyone seeks to define whether it is an honorable or a dishonorable act. Everyone views this and that. But in the end, please la, people vote during the elections is mainly because of the party. Should they jump to other camp, it’s like they are not the representative of the people anymore. It dosent make sense, I voted my constituency for party A and this idiot hops to another party B against the majority will. If they want it, the MP resign and bertanding balik under the new party they have chosen, then it will reflect democracy. Our votes are based on our representative decisions, not a toy for those i have given power to.

18. Then there comes students which believe they are the academic and future leaders of the country…


19. When I was installed as the MPPUPM President for the 2007/2008 session, I was focused more on getting objectives done and re-defining the student movement on the “knowledge line”. I prefer to empower students movement through “knowledge-focused leadership”. I have different views on kemahasiswaan as my other YDP friends from other Malaysian IPTA. I have always believed that society’s demand change in time, just like Toyota, we have to keep on innovating and improving adhering to the kaizen principle.

20. In order to win, you have to set a clear objective and goal and carefully evaluate opportunities and threats (SWOT) along the way. taking into a simple context for you to understand, if I am a merchant, during the 90s era if I sell Apple computers with those big floppy disks, it would definitely be a hit, but if I sell those things in 2008, I can simply say go home and sleep. Now everyone wants laptop with technical configurations! Can u imagine, it would be a disaster selling something like that in 2008. It is the same case with students movement.

21. Get this right; 1970s in Malaysia; poverty rate was >60%. 2008 in Malaysia = 3.8%. Can you not see how many people have entered middle class by now in Malaysia? During those times (past), if you enter university, you are clearly intelligent with an academic scroll to mobilize the society. People with degree are scarce! Now, taking into the scope of KL people, you want mahasiswa to influence these middle class people who have already earned a degree,masters or phd or have even had working experience which makes them wiser than us? Think of it, especially if I am a graduate from a renowned university from UK, have been working for 10 years in a company and suddenly this student leader comes to me and say, hey, let’s go for a demonstration, we are gonna do something for the people. The first thing i’ll think is; “come on, you haven’t even finished your studies and you are so young not even securing your degree yet and you wanna teach me, someone who have much more experience and knwoledge than you do???”

22. Yes I criticize, but if you wanna influence these people, you have definitely got to impress them and make sure that you are wiser and knowledgable than them. How do we do it during our tenure in campus before graduation? Get down to work by doing more thesis, research work, that and this and get more knowledge than they already have to influence them to oblivion. Society respects those who have knowledge more than them. It is true during the 1970s, it is true now, it’s just how we execute it.

23. AUKU pulak. Haih. AUKU bukan penghalang, pemimpin mahasiswa yang lahir pada zaman ini yang berusaha untuk memperkasakan gerakan mahasiswa are in fact, pewira kepada negara Malaysia. Kita untung dilahirkan semasa zaman yang penuh dengan cabaran, and we are the few which have the courage to do something about it. I have always believed we can choose to change something in two methods; either enter the system and innovate it, or stay out of the system and oppose it. I prefer to work on it and change it.

24. At the very least, during the memorandum sent to DPM during MPPK, our YDP’s for the first time, if you wanna consider us from the aspirasi camp, we agreed on change of section 15,16 and 51. Unlike before, if student leaders defend AUKU whole heartedly, we are realistic in our point of view. I have always made it a point during my meetings with YDP from all IPTAs that I speak on realistic terms, I am not affliated to the government nor any political parties. I not want to be influenced by any parties despite my family’s political background as it would cease my decision making in fighting for the students. I have been voted by the students, and my views reflect my views on students interests. If I feel we need to speak, I would persuade all to speak, but in a responsible manner. Did not the British win over Malaya from diplomacy. We are to learn from them to win.

25. Some have said that AUKU yang diubahsuai pada ketika ini are cosmetic in nature. Oh well, come what may, in the context of mahasiswa joining NGO we do not need any legal permission anymore. Cuba pkir, when there is a hole in a dark room, you can see the light, from the light you can ensure you get more light in the future. That is very much an opportunity for mahasiswa, I am not gonna reveal what I have in mind from that legal permission but it gives a hell lot of advantage for student leaders to be even united and have a stronger platform for future undertaking… if u get what I mean. We must be those who seek opportunities and exploit it at will. There is no wall too thick to break, it takes intelligence to change the brick into a house.’

26. Then wat are my suggestions to empower our students movement? Well these are some of my thoughts;

  • Concentrate on evaluating society’s knowledge level and outwit them by possessing knowledge which they do not possess and use it. Knowledge is power.
  • Always innovate. The approach we use today to influence others may not be as effective as it is in the next months or years.
  • Work with the university authorities to get our IPTA in the top ranks in world universities league. I am definitely sure if we are students from IPTA which are recognized as one of the top universities in the world, it is as if we have that natural credibility and respects given. Imagine an MIT student talking to a tier 3 university graduate? It does make sense.
  • Form a coordinated union just like NUS (National Union of Students UK). It definitely gives us mileage to talk and lobby policies just like CUEPECS do. At the moment we do not have a platform that is tetap.
  • Choose a political idealogy for the MPP organization. Be creative, our world is our laboratory, what do our organization fight for and stand for? Social Democracy? Islamic Democracy? Republic? Get things done and test it at our will, an idealogy is like a heart in the human system.
  • Always be critical. Do not believe as it is. Question things, research things, get into a subject of interest and investigate without accepting an opinion from someone or group.

27. So we want power? Get knowledge first then we can have round table discussions like we have used to. Without power it is definitely hard for us.


28. I am all for a united Malaysia. I am all for Malaysians who considers others in this land as their family, brothers and sisters. At the moment I prefer to witness these historic event unfolding and pray to Allah s.w.t may my Malaysia be prosperous. It’s the land where I will get married and my children will grow up. I dont want Malaysia to be like France during the Revolution nor be in a nation which share similarities like Nazi germany based on economic turmoil..

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