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our aspirasi tale

Associated names with the term aspirasi in campus. Many. Such as pro-kerajaan, pro-universiti, pro-BN whatever you may call it. Bah, whatever you may call it, in the end, ask the leaders and they will tell you what they think with different answers.

My “ignorance” is fueled into those that bring in exessive politics in the context of here we are, doing our best to fix what is not right and improving things that needs improvement. Be it sending resolution to the university authorities or even getting down the pitch. But they prefer to politicalize everything. Let students flourish their idealism for god sakes! We gave everyone the chance to fight for students’ welfare in our union (be it if they see themselves as a group or an individual) and yet they haven’t use it and instead go for politics?? Where are the priorities of being a leader in a students’ union!? That’s great, ibarat you haven’t finish a plate of rice when it’s still full but you already get another plate that is full. Great, just great.

Its sad when you look into the faces of all the freshmen and yet some would approach with many reasons but be it any reasons you can list me down, it is still about supporting their political idealogies. Be it at the expense of misusing the name of MPP or not they will. Yeah, perhaps ‘whoever’ were trained to do dirty politics and ‘they’ see these as the standards we need to follow.

Maybe only those that are ‘activists’ enough would understand these meanings. But for sure, my dream would never stop da day our students’ union will be recognized as the world’s best. We do it for the students. Not them or any of ‘your’ groups. We were elected from various clubs and societies and here we are. I envy the Union at Singapore Management University where their excos practice espirit de corps and friendship lasts till the test of time. Although for such a short period of 7 years, yet their advancement in terms of students’ union amazes me. Yet here we are in my university, struggling to get the union up and to be respected as a group which would give opinions of value and earn the respects of the higher authorities or even national leaders to be able to be recognized as a group of value.

Alas, they treat it as their political ground. A political platform for those that think they could bring in whatsoever idealism. For if it is the students idealism, it will be for the better then I would welcome it as far as you can see the horizon. But if you yourself know that you are bringing in personal or political agendas in, I will shut the door even before you come near my room.

When will the students’ union be a real “union for students”? Serve the students? As my term would be in completion in 2 months time, I am definitely sure for those of us which “worked the union all way out” we strive to change the very image of MPP into a union. Let’s just hope our future leaders would realise that this platform is about serving and bringing our idealism not being controlled by anyone.

At least in terms of students idealism without dependence on any ‘groups’, I am sure the Dato’ Idris would agree with me at this point.

As for me, Victorians we trained to be independent. I just met all of my friends back from overseas a day ago, Farid Daim, Johan, Ian, name it lah all of em. Those were the days as we stepped into the corridors of VI that “Let the New Victorians, Match the old Victorians”. Alas, from Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah to the ministers and CEO that have passed the curtains of VI, we will bring our alma mater spirit where ever we go.

For my union, at the very least, we know that we have fought for the students and towards progressing our university. Let there be critism but we know who we are. At least this time around we made it a point no group would push us around with our service for the students and country.

At the end, you be the judge. Be controlled, or be in control.


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