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Majlis Perundingan Pelajar Kebangsaan or known more or less as the National Students Consultative Council was held on the 29th of May 2008 this year at the Marriot Putrajaya Hotel. The objective of this council was primarily to voice out the issues of concern by the Malaysians Students directly towards the government officials. This year, the council is chaired by the YAB Dato Seri Mohd Najib Bin Tun Abdul Razak and was attended by several ministers whom are the YB Higher Education Minister, YB Agriculture Minister, YB Internal Affairs Minister and several deputy ministers including from MOSTI.

Much debate has occurred on the way the MPPK should be handled but I myself felt regretful on several events that have happened during the meeting. I do not expect glamour nor provisions from getting attention but the media primarily focused on what the issues said by the Deputy Prime Minister but they were not interested in getting the opinions of the students. Even the resolution which was written up in such an academic manner with such details did not catch the attention of the media. Maybe we have to approach this in a theatrical style with “action” seen in the movies to catch their attention. Nevermind, nonetheless my principle has always been do do not force nor expect to be respected by others but make myself be respected and respects would come. Clearly I learnt something from the media and learn I must.

As I am writing this post, somehow or rather Berita Harian called me up to ask me on my concerns on AUKU. Yes, time and again they ask the same issues but their primary question to me was, “will students be involved in politics?”. The same question they asked to the Deputy Prime Minister yesterday when I was in the press room. Clearly, they want an answer from me, the more controversial the better I guess. Again my stand would not change on students involvement on politics, for me after examining several countries and trying to figure out the best for Malaysia after visiting several unions, I could sum up we as Malaysian students WAJIB be politically aware and to examine all the political issues around us from the national agenda to the international issues effecting the United Nations. Why? We are in a globalized world unlike the 70’s media is dominated but now with the advancement in IT, we could voice our concerns to all without barriers. Such would also be our enemies from the outside which possess political and economic leverage. Should our students busy themselves without learning what is due, I believe Malaysia’s security would be in grave jeopardy.

Students Leaders with Dato\' Mustapha Mohamed

I love it when people say that leaders would have to seek advice from golongan terpelajar. Exactly. Everyone has to. What is golongan terpelajar? Mahasiswa. In terms of the Muslim faith, the ulama’ are scholars of the righteous with both knowledge of the world and the afterlife in their procession. As mahasiswa, we are scholars in-training (varies on individual, one which does not take the effort of even studying his university subjects can’t be considered scholars). Thus the leaders should seek our advice. Sokong sangat! We are the younger generation which have new ideas and innovations in our minds and are golongan terpelajar.


How do educated scholars/mahasiswa behave?

Let me tell you my readers, scholars behave in a manner which they produce their contructive critism in way which is based on underlying assumptions from various theories and proof which could be subject to debate whether normative or positive, which would actually expose thoughts and ideas generation. Respect the scholars? I only respect the scholars which possess the terms above in giving out their arguments, not those which put up baseless assumptions and be judgemental on their thoughts. For me, that is the underlying behaviour of a scholar.

Why should we respect scholars/mahasiswa?

Let me get it straight here.

1. Why do the society treat the Tan Sri’s and Datuk’s with special treatment (example: go to private hospital xpayah queue buat xray test, etc.). Because he was something which people look up unto: title.

2. Why do people avoid debates with PhD holders of their discipline? Simple, because they have something which the people have not: knowledge.

3. Why do a person respect and admire their idol? (example a Muslim which admires the leadership of Rasullulah s.a.w) Simple, it’s because he enlightens you with something you don’t have: success.

Now I ask.

Then what do scholars have that the society must respect? Another answer which is clear cut: knowledge above others. When we convey our knowledge, be it ideas or innovations which are new and exemplary, knowledge from books which is clearly defined from various scholars and solutions given, we would then be respected. In this world where materiality and tangible outcome is seen as needed, one who has world knowledge is looked up upon. But my respects go to those which have both the world and afterlife knowledge, such as Ibn Sina (Avicenna), Ibn Rusyd (Averroes) and Kawarizmi.

Long story cut short, jangan harap orang nak hargai pandangan kita jika ilmu tidak cukup di dada dan tidak menunjukkan pada masyarakat kita mempunyai ilmu lebih hebat daripada orang lain. (I know’s its harsh).

Let me put it this way if u pening and marah, say you want a business deal from company A. So you made your presentation to the CEO telling bout your product. What I tell you is this, if you are questioned by the CEO and you do not know, you will be considered incompetent and business off. If you tell him what he already knows, he wont be impressed at all. If you tell him ideas which are practical and something which is revolutionary in the academic perspective and knowledge dumbfolded, he would pay his respects for you and probably you would secure a deal.

Something made simple. Mahasiswa, acquire knowledge above the procession of others, and you shall be the center of attention and reference points by the society. If you do not, we would be a laughing stock.

Myself at Biz Center

I apologize for being harsh but well those are my points of view for us to earn the respects. I do not mean to defame nor insult anyone or any party. I am very much in love with the Malaysian Students pergerakan but we need to acquire power to be respected. We can’t force, with so many professionals and people who have graduated in the country, the situation in our country force us to be even more intelligent that those who have graduated.

Our only source of power is our knowledge above others. Seek it, and we hold the society.


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1. Actually the pre-MPPK meeting started the day before on the 28th at ASSET Bangi. Mostly all the IPTA and IPTS leaders are there but as usual, we don’t really mix around as IPTA is closer with their IPTA counterparts and it seems that there is an invinsible line between us which actually makes one another feel a bit awkward. Practically speaking, I don’t like it. The IPTA and IPTS student leaders have perspectives which are different but we are still Malaysians students in the country generating wealth of knowledge for our country. We have much to share with each other and our strength alone in ideas is a great asset to Malaysia. I hope one day all our students get to network with each other and generate ideas from sabah till perlis be it IPTA and IPTS.

2. Then a paper entitled “Halatuju MPPK and MPP” was presented by UiTM which stressed on the way the MPPK should be handled. Dr. Fauzi was there to take down the issues raised but as thankful as I am to the Ministry of Higher Education for their efforts in making MPPK a success, I believe the students should also take part in organizing the MPPK to implement their ideas directly into the event.

3. From the previous YDP IPTA meeting we have agreed on a six resolution consensus that was received by the Deputy Prime Minister himself which obviously din came up in the media. The resolution file can be read here and would be implemented by the student leaders themselves not just our issues of concern raised to the government.

4. And so I went back home around 2 am after another commission was formed. The commission would be made known soon after but we gave the YDP UMS IPTA as the chairman so if Malaysia has the Suruhanjaya Reid , we have our small Suruhanjaya Hassanal. Hehe (this is insider’s info). Nevertheless, came back home and made corrections on the resolution and woke up after an hour of sleep. Straight to Marriot mumbling on my well craved sleep.

5. There he was, the YAB Deputy Prime Minister (pic above from my seat, he’s chairing the meeting with Dato Seri Khaled Nordin) and all the ministers not to forget the Malaysian police, corporate leaders, government officials, etc. And so the MPPK began after the speech made by the Deputy Prime Minister which also noted that the MPPK platform was an initiative for students to reflect directly on the national agenda and also for students to voice out their concerns directly to the government.

6. 6 papers were being presented which was The Quality of Malaysian Students by UMS, Enhancing Students Welfare Through Private Sector Partnership and One Stop Students Financial Center by UPM, Perpaduan dan Keselamatan Negara by OUM, Isu Alam Sekitar Malaysia by UM, Pembangunan Wilayah Koridor by UNIMAs and lastly Global Leadership by Sunway University College.

7. Issues raised were in an academia manner and it looks like even the ministers were given new thoughts and ideas this time. Dato’ Syed Hamid Albar were impressed with the idea of national unity has a direct relationship with the national security. Sounds small but Mohamad from OUM actually pictured a crystal clear situation in Malaysia where students in IPT for example, stick to their racial groups rather than mixing around with others. The ministers were also impressed with the concern by students on environmental issues which were addressed and even the need for students to be more globalized to meet new challenges. In a way, the YAB Deputy Prime Minister praised the student leaders and was impressed with the maturity of the students in giving out opinions.

8. The results of MPPK this year? Well, a National Student Discount Card aimed at providing discounts for educational and living expenses for students in Malaysia would be drawn up and adopted in the long run by the government. This would also be a source of social responsibility for the merchants around the university region to contribute to the economic growth. AUKU would be tabled in parliament in Jun 2008, we shall await the cadangan “pindaan”. An ASEAN student leadership seminar or courses would be drawn up to increase the global exposure to students in Malaysia. The PTPTN issue which was about the 3% would be reviewed and the results whether it is riba or not would be conveyed as PTPTN will be consulting Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan, MOSTI Deputy Minister gave the opportunity to students to have a website on MPPK for students to discuss on national issues and many more. We shall await the next MPPK results this year for all the outcome from the meeting.

9. After it was all finished we had our lunch and then we get to actually meet up with all the corporate figures and government officials, etc. I wouldn’t comment on the media, read it in my second post.

10. MPPK is a success this year but nevertheless, less coverage given in the papers. Nevermind then, lesson learnt for us and for our successors. Plan well in advance, my advice for the future generation, call the press before the MPPK meeting and inform them that you would be passing on a resolution to the minister so they would be more interested with the issue. Take part in the MPPK planning process. Consult all the IPTA and IPTS student leaders to agree on who shall be the presenter that is being chaired by students themselves.

11. Should you wanna know more about the resolusi, you can get the file here and for the paper which I presented, get the file here.

12. I hope comments are made on MPPK as many things could be addressed. I believe that papers should be made public in the internet for students to give out ideas to the presenter before MPPK. This would be a collective idea presented to the government and would serve to occupy all interests of the students.

Ok, itu saja. Adios, mau tido.

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Looks like I’ll be writing my thoughts on my mpp life here more often than I did on another blog. Clearly I would have to get my hands on full to the fullest which appears to be inefficient and practically impossible with the immense duties at hand. Rather, just a blog would do.

Nevertheless, for we need to ponder on the world to raise judgement of our surrounding. Should we endure challenges or put others to the blame? In the end as an academician would debate in a manner of attacking the assumptions to undermine a theory, so do men. For should we address it as ‘normative’ or should “what should be” be changed to accept and explain human behaviour as a term which we would consider “positive”?

Nonetheless, my parables are for men of understanding as students we should be aware of everything and should we are not, we should succumb and counter our weaknesses.

A leader is a man who leads, not a man who abuses power. Being realistic is a part of being a leader. Non practicality effects their judgement. As should you read the “Muqaddima” by Ibn Khaldun, he made a positive judgement as men, we cherish our leader with the “group-feeling”. Once these feelings are lost, a dynasty collapses. However, the leader would also contribute to the fall of his power as he is surrounded by wealth and advisors which are not true to their hearts.

Religion guides a man on his path in which he holds no dear of his outcome. We preceive, predict and arrange outcome, but whatever it may be, our qada and qadar is the rest. I have always believed we are responsible on the creation of our path to the outcome. We have the will to choose, we are not mere robots with a set of outcome. We are given feelings and thoughts and the ability to judge between what is right and wrong, and what they have always said to advice and to enjoin others on what is right and forbid what is wrong. Should we be those men of understanding, we set our path. For our outcome has always been set. A pen we will eventually have on our hands, black or red, you determine.

For being a leader takes more than the responsibility of a father, to be the steward of all. For when the steward bears no companions or servants, he would lose his political power. A leader without a group-feeling “group” is nothing more than an Umayyad caliphate after the sacking of Baghdad by Kublai Khan. From history we learn, political power is given by the people, and taken back from the people itself. So my harsh words to those leaders who claim their throne on basis of mis profound judgement, the inability to think for himself, the desire of popularity, hearts set with political power, those who hate others on their ideologies, should you be men of power, how not same are you without compassion and greed? Should there be men of ignorance, they would not have open up their hearts and ears to judge what is before them, but assumptions are made of their yokes chocked up their chin.

Some thoughts on the best script I have heard of: “A king may move a man, a father may claim a son, but remember even when those who move you be kings, or men of power, your soul is in your keeping alone, when you stand before God you could not tell that I was told by other to do thus, or virtue was not convenient at that time, this will not suffice”

So a leader you wish to be? Be just, as you will be raised in the Days of Recompense. At at that time, no glory will be upon you, only your deeds which would be with you.

In the Name of God Most Gracious, Most Merciful,

1. Have you seen him who denies the REcompense?

2. That is he who repulses the orphans,

3. And urges not the feeding of the poor,

4. So woe unto those performers of Salat (those who are hypocrites),

5. Those who delay their Salat from their stated times,

6. Those who do good deeds only to be seen of men,

7. And prevent Al-Maun (small kindness).

For ye are men of understanding, ponder. As I have pondered on all the advises given to me by all, as we are men, never perfect, but seek perfection.

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