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Diari Pemimpin Pelajar UPM

Well I guess the title describes all. Not to boast but I guess my friends in UPM would want to know all the welfare proceedings and progress as I had been elected by them. Nonetheless I believe future generations would also get a glimpse preview of a student leader’s life should there be one and I pray to Allah s.w.t may all the student leaders in UPM be the best of breeds one day, insya Allah for Allah knows best. As for now, I am having my last paper tomorrow which so happen to be Corporate Social Responsibility. I like the subject on environmental issues and I believe the next few years we would be in an environment driven economy. Call me ‘crazy’ but oh well, the evidence are cut clear, even large conglomerates like BP is going towards that economy sector from their empirical findings.

Getting back on the topic, I’ll write down all those memorable footsteps of mine as a student leader for all those who wish to read my blog and enhance your journey. “Ambil yang baik, Buang yang keruh”. May my writings be as a guide for future reference and for ultimate transparency towards my responsibility in which the people have bestowed upon me. Check it out on the categories in the next few days though.

I gotta study. Wish me luck!


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