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The Corporate Aikidoka


An article I found in Forbes about the aikido perspective in management philosophy made me wonder my aikido applications in my leadership era. Perhaps it is time for me to indulge in the philosophies of of the aiki spirit and make use of my mediation I have once been a part of my life. Needless to say, it was proven once that mediation (breathing into one’s stomach and imagine a thread of gold in there and pushed back as a result of exhaling) does effect my randori. I still remembered the times when I was 15 and I had a randori demonstration for our Sensei Suzalie before he pursued his postgraduate at King’s College. Perhaps time have changed but my spirit did not deter from being ambitious. I have always looked up upon role models and tried to innovate every aspect of life I could to be even more successful. Maybe it has always been in me, as a dreamer.

Nonetheless, do check the article out, it may be useful for your management indulgences. Let me summarize it a little:

1. Keep your hara (center) with all the positive personality you have to avoid opening weaknesses.

2. Start in the right place and enter at the right time in which always position yourself before the event occurs.

3. Always move forward, in Aikikai dicipline they call it the ‘homote’ variation in which you must not freeze up in crisis, always move forward.

4. Anticipate and ensue you know your horizons well. See the big picture as the aikidokas see in randori (an attack with multiple opponents). In the business world, information is all it needs.

5. Ki is special in aiki. In the workplace? I think that’s just our special skills.

Much to learn I guess. Oh well, enjoy reading!



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The Unevitable

Respect. A profound word yet the ultmate meaning remains subjective. Some desparately cry for it. Some admire blissfully those who has it. Some resort to unjust cause to demand it. But there are some, who choose to earn it. Such are us humans, history is its divine evidence, the Al-Quran bore witness to such insult by men and yet we have never learnt from the mistakes made by our forefathers.

Yet with all those feelings englufed in me as I regretfully pity men who never understood mistakes, my journey has yet brought me again to the ‘matric’ experience as I walk the steps in MARA Kulim College. As my eyes wildered the footsteps of the students in their journey towards knowledge, my moment in Negeri Sembilan Matriculation College reminded me of the great moments I shared with my friends. I may a hopeless romantic but I couldn’t deny but yet kept my sense of “love” for the younger generation to myself while I had my ‘mask’ on. These are the people who would one day be the leaders of our country and I could see some who are driven by dreams and some who were not. Misguided could one be, I believe it is the responsibility of those who could see to live out their dreams. Every men wish to be cared for, and I believe my peers and I from Universiti Putra Malaysia just did.

Nonetheless, my thoughts swayed away as I saw the lush greenfields and untouched forest during our journey home in which ideas twinkled in thoughts like falling stars in the sky. I have always dreamt big, I am forever a dreamer, my passion goes more than achieving one should be, but I dream of where no men has gone before. If for once, I am now a leader, what will I be next? There may be some who warns me of the danger of politics yet there are some who made it look like sweets or prize of men. Whatever it may be, I am juz here to finish the job I was entrusted for with excellence and bring change before my eyes witness the coronation of my successor.


So let it be, as my ambitions develop in maturity and my appearance surpass my age and the unevitable come to pass, let me make it just for myself and the society for contributing and serve humanity with excellence. For the chinese astrologers, my options are less than two in which to choose between succeeding and losing as the worst. So prayers to Allah s.w.t, let my dreams be as it should be and let me never forget the ground I stand on. For should I succeed in my quest for knowledge on the postgraduate level and build a happy family, my passion to have an island of my own in which my idealism could be realised would one day come true.

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