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Rekindle The Past


Torch of life would be kept aflame as long as my steps walk Allah’s earth and cherish his universe. Years have past, yet my life is just beginning. Many times we thought we knew yet the more we learn, the more we ought not to know. Such is the truth of life, knowledge knows no boundries. Allah is the all wise and our Protector, how would we achieved what we are without the Almighty’s blessings.

Such is the journey of my ship, challenges are none but stiff. Choosing the path not all would want to and picking up those challenges for endless service has brought me so much to mountains of greatness and cliff of darkness. For on when these eyes gaze the past, I couldn’t imagine one day I would be held with such responsibility which demands my intelligence, hard work and controlling my emotions to the test. With thousands of eyes set to see what you have become in the thoughts of what they want you to become, and in the culture of critisms run wild with destructive remarks shows the meaning of life. For whatever waves may come, once we swore the oath of responsibility, we are accounted for in the afterlife. Realising it in self takes hard work and experience, making a team realise needs pure courage.

For my interests and boredom to those who think it is, my mind brought me to read the Laws of Teamwork by John. C. Maxwell. Such 17 laws of teamwork is true in many terms and indeed the author is very much deeply involved in basketball. It’s only then that I understood why companies look forward to employ those sportsmen, it’s not bout the skills, but what they have learnt in those sports. With such values of teamwork, sacrifice and strong character, only those players which possess traits of non-egostical-i-am-the-only-one would be extremely marketable. Having said such words, recruiting the right person may be the simple recipe of getting an A team but producing leaders is different. I love my team, for who they are and I believe everyone should succeed and have a piece of the cake for their future. My prayers to Allah may my batch of SRC be the best amongst all the nation could have ever witnessed.

Nonetheless, could the man on top see what is done below? Many times a great we have been given sayings we are the best yet we are not. They fear their leaders and seek the upper ladder thus they see a culture of showing what is great and hiding the worst as the main vehicle for success. Nay, see the bigger picture, our integrity comes in self, when money comes into play and power mix the hearts of men, say goodbye to such integrity. Only when one could withstand such windy selfishness would succeed but ruin his/her career. Nonetheless, the law have always prevailed, “treat those around you with kindness and you would be given back in kindness”. For when we chose a responsibility, that would always be our deeds, not to act selfishly, as hatred runs in men, kindness remembered even after our death.


Yet, how those it feels to be a student leader? a student, is someone who learns, and learns from mistakes and what he was thought. I may not be even near achievements of Napoleon Bonaparte for Europe but my dreams will always be larger than life no matter what I shall be. It’s extremely hard to describe my journey, yet self empowerment is always visible, character building is constantly changing. For my oath before has always been not to walk with pride on the earth, disbelief towards the greatness of the All Knowing, Allah s.w.t and to not fool around with those of different gender. Probably one day I would write my feelings down, nonetheless, this path in the gardens of putra has left me with only 10 months before my practical which ‘practically’ signals my graduation and only 8 months in counting for my responsibility to mark the finishing line. Till then, wish me luck as I journey with those echo of “berilmu berbakti” enlightening my path.


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