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A Utopian Dream

The sounds of time echo in the silent night approaching the historic moment. Soon, all fate will come to pass. Thoughts we defined with ideas we forged in order to reach the peak and bring victory within our grasp. Yet despite accusations and separated by political differences our minds are in unison as fate sealed our sacrifice in accepting responsibility. Enslaving the mind and body for the people is a daunting task. Our very deeds as we bring it to life with promises are accountable to Allah s.w.t.

For those where their path have been laid before their feet, the calmness of the vast ocean and the rough tides of the Atlantic awaits them. My sincere thanks and respect to those who are indeed brave enough to endure and rise up to these challenges. Without such people leadership could only be but a distant memory. No matter our differences, my sincere prayers to all for their sweat and tears. May we lead an exuberant life filled with memories which makes us wiser for our younger generations to defend and cherish our motherland.

Misleading the sands of the desert by the strong winds in the cold lonely night bring misgivings deep into my soul. For they passed such remarks untrue, I seek refuge from such deceit and lies engulfed into the soul of men. If they forsee such friendship as none but political, I would say history has thought me friendship are found in the deepest realms of our hearts. During the tides and disloyalty my happiness have always been with our fellowship. The Presidents Assembly transpassed friendship forged by the toughness of trust and fellowship all of us worked hard for. “The happiest thoughts during my reign were the moments with the Presidents”, I would never forget such words from Fizi and it was true. Deep in our hearts we cared for each other. We were one. And we will always be that way.

Kak anis, Shahrul, Im, Shaula, Fizi, Paan, Fadzli, Shahrul, Rizal, Dalila, Amplang, Papa, Mama, Syu, Imran, Pali, Aswad, Ilan, Umi, Azhar and Bong.. Those were the times during my tenure. Such friends I would remember for life. My sincere wishes and best of luck for the new Presidents Assembly. Indeed life has never been easy for leaders. They are destined to be loved and hated with only strength to serve the people enlightens them.

For during this time should it be my fate, God willing, I could think none more than the friendship we had which paved the path. My heart touched by the sincerity of friendship not the ambitions we are for. We are here to serve, lead and govern our people towards excellence. Such deeds empower me to kneel in the night for Allah’s guidance. For if it was the title, would I have been all proud? A weight of a thousand miles bear my shoulders, such relief for such aweness of “name”. I seek refuge from Allah s.w.t. from myself. For I pray I would not be astray, they are my people and you are my Lord, show me the light for I seek none but forgiveness from you.


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Smiles shine into the open universe,
Drops of rain witnessed by the moonlight in the dark,
The sound of life by the breath of the sun,
Light touch of the sea felt into the heart,

Struck by the violent waves of life,
Forged by misunderstandings of beings,
Fueled through venomous words of those accountable in the afterlife,
Balanced by the deep calmness of the sea,
Untouched yet holds stories untold for centuries,
Let this ship we forged together forever sail for eternity!

By the sun and the sea,
Will be of the soul of this life,
Let we fight for happiness on life and the hereafter,
For they know not of the waves the ship sailed,
As we pray for the righteousness deeds from Allah,
Smile emboldened in the faces of the heart full of sincerity.

And they plotted to strike the ship,
For disgrace, betrayal and hatred their words spread,
Believe acquiantances did and friends questioned,
Protected by the seeds of sincerity and heart,
For lies are lies and truth shines in the night,
The ship sailed through it’s might,
Our prayers for our brothers and sisters,
May we always be in the path of righteousness.

For life has always been told by the books,
Emotions fuels hatred while emptiness of the mind fuels sincerity,
One day they shall know,
The sea and sun do revolve in harmony.

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Irrational Exuberance

Some thoughts on a phrase so popular in the financial world yet unknown to others. Such are the times when stocks or the markets being overvalued leading to an inevitable crash as these factor is usually not accounted for by novice risk takers. Yet when I do put my thoughts and self into mind, the 50th Merdeka Celebrations this year filled my soul into emptiness with exceptional helplessness on the future as future is never predictable. Yet we seek refuge to Allah s.w.t as qada and qadar is written and we choose to lead the path which we always pray to be straight and fulfilling to achieve happiness in life and the hereafter.

The sounds of celebrations and fireworks dancing in the skies echo throughout our country as a sign of unity and 50 years of happiness. I couldn’t help it when I felt a feeling of nothingness on the right way to cherish my country. When we describe words, our actions or the feelings we have in our heart about patriotism could it be that these factor have helped us preserve our independance? Gone are the days of the old when threats are seen through swords, cannons, ‘words of negotiations’ or the might of the European fleet on our shores preparing her strength to squash us into pieces through diplomacy or war right in front of our own very eyes. These would have keep us alarmed. Yet now invasion on our country by other powers is totally a different story.

Globalization in essence is profitable for us yet deadly when it comes to ‘mind colonization’. We could learn from books of the old such as the Malacca Sultanate which drew it’s curtain to a close in the year 1511 opening her doors for Portuguese Colonization. The internal bickering among the native Malays and Tamil Muslims and the disloyalty of certain racial groups as a result of mistreatment by the Malacca government brought a significant weakness in the whole society. Should they have been unified by spirit, not of the physical sense, the Malacca Sultanate would have resisted the occupation. Learn from the past we must, but into the future we peek. During the Napoleanic Era, the La Grande Armee posed a great threat and told a significant story of unity among the European people. The La Grande Armee at it’s peak represented many nationalities from Italy to the people of the Rhine Confederation. The unity poised took Russia by storm but nonetheless, Napolean lost the war as a result of Russian brilliant military tactics which burned Moscow to the ground. Nevertheless the espirit de corps fueled by Napolean into the hearts of the European people made them believe in themselves and made the empire prosper. Such spirit in my opinion is the main ingredient for independance not ignorance. Like Adolf Hitler once stated before the total invasion of France to Hitlerjugend, “the strength of the nation lies not in the tanks and might of the army but the hearts and mind of the people”.

During August last month I had the chance to represent UPM as the Collegiate Ambassador for Peace for the Universal Peace Federation. It was a great event where talks were given by the President on how important it was to sustain and dream of a peaceful world. Such a utopian dream in essence but a challenge to re-educate and making the whole global population believe in a peaceful objective. Laws could enforce, policies could steer growth but belief in oneself in the mind and spirit drives excellence and realise dreams. Our deeds are always driven by our heart and mind, we tend to follow policies and laws because it is there but our mind is the supreme ruler over our body.

One of the talks featured Perdana Leadership Foundation officers (sorry i forgot his name it’s quite some time now), but nonetheless these are some thoughts for us to ponder with. To change oneself the chronology is like below:

Thinking -> Belief
Belief -> Expectations
Expectations -> Attitude
Attitude -> Beheaviour
Beheaviour -> Performance
Performance -> Life

Therefore it ain’t easy to change the state of the mind to drive life as we go through many processes yet if a leader of a nation or organization could instill such things in the minds of his/her people, independance could be felt and cherished. As for irrational exuberance, well let it not be the same as how the financial world is, strong physically through the celebrations and fireworks but leads to a downfall as a result of our minds and spirit not intact. So how should we capitalize such downfall? People say books tell the story, experience makes us wiser. I’m reading Muqaddimah by Ibnu Khaldun during this hols. Hope to finish it soon and i’ll give a quick review on his book. It’s great to read how Ibn Khaldun manages to analyze the minds of the people which leads to the rise and fall of a dynasty. Well, as May to September comes to a close of silentness, Happy 50th Independance Day Malaysia!

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