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Sabrie returns after months of absence. Sometime when we are on top we tend to forget the things we have built before. Lesson no. 1 my friends, jangan jadi kacang lupakan kulit. Finish what we have started and never procrastinate as such attitude would only serve not but flame our well being into disaster.

After a year as the college head for Za’ba College I could say my life was filled with happy and tearful memories. Such a small organization yet I am sure my excos have learnt many lessons in life. I could not feel more for more team, I love them with all my heart just like my own well being but like they say, things would not always go our way.

In rough terms, backstabbers and liars I’ve met, true friends were forged while those who plotted out revenge feeds hatred into every soul with venomous words. From the deepest realm of my heart i felt happy to see my best friend is treated nicely all of a sudden but before hand, it smacks the soul to see she was used only for the sole purpose of revenge. Such foe who spills out words of hatred for the friend you care is now friend of the foe.

Such deeds are not for revenge, but only answerable by Almighty Allah. For I remembered my mentor once said, “kebenaran itu selalu bersinar lewat tetapi kejahatan sentiasa bersinar seperti matahari”.

In the end, all will be smiling and so am I. Why you may ask? Since it is nothing more than mere politics. Call it office politics, campus politics or whatsoever. Be with your principle and always remember your principles brought you to where you are, and safeguard it with all your heart, for you will be forever successful.

A substance of total addiction would be the right term for the word politics. getting your foes to suffer with lies and hatred while you champion their cause is nothing more than cannibals. Whatever that may have happened to us or anyone, “what goes around comes around”. Play with fire and it’ll soon burn everything in it’s path.

The bottom line: stick with your principles. it’s as simple as that. the ruling factor for a successful life;)

As the new sem starts soon, again, I am reborn, but hopefully this time with the experiences in mind, principles uphold and with the person who have always been through thick and thin with me, difference will be made.


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