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Tears of Heaven

i myself wonder why such pic (^) this time after bein in silence for weeks. Imagine my friends, we were once like that, harmless yet we brought hope and happiness to our mother which bear our soul at a time. Yet as we grow and mature we turn out to be the person we were moulded to be. There would come a time when we would ponder and realise we are held accountable to all the deeds we have done and all our actions to set our destiny in life.

As a child, I am thankful to Allah for the opportunity to bring forth myself onto the holy land and witness the splendour and magnificence of the pilgrimage. Yes it is, there is no God but Allah. At an age where the whole world revolves around you and protected by your loved ones, we shall never notice the ironies of life.

What happens when suddenly you take control of your life and begin to open your eyes to this ‘balanced’ world, full of happiness and sadness, comfort and misery? Like once I asked my friend, do you fear death? And his answer was simple yet inspirational, “do u believe in qada and qadar? all death is set.” At that time I thought he was influenced with too much of kingdom of heaven but realising that it was true, I knew I charted my own life.

Look around us, from the tears of the poor living a life without love and shelter, to the professionals enjoying their moderate life with the comfort of their families, to the tears our friends as a result of family ignorance, to the greed by some towards achieving the most out of their life. How about the rich living in luxury forgetting those suffering with every tick of a moment? Not to forget those who strive in the cause of God be it any religion in search of calmness and truth.

As I mature and somehow destiny brought me as a leader to serve as a test for the years ahead, I wonder what kind of person will I be? If I did not weep when I saw the House of God once upon a time, this time I am very much sure I would fall into tears once I enter the house of Allah. At one point, it feels like I lost it all.

Learning the tools of the mask behind your true self, blabberin words which are influential to get things done and havin your motives act like a sea serpent, I hope my lessons would serve as a tool to give happiness to others not personal greed. Help me my Lord, may I not be with those that went far astray.

As December returns, I know Sabrie is a different person now. A better one? Or indulged by the ironies of life? Nonetheless, one thing for sure I am in control of my own life. As long as I have my principles, I am safe.


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