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That path before me

Gosh it’s been some time since I last updated my blog. Da last one was somewhere in August if I’m not mistaken. Months passed by and I guess there are lots of stories waiting to be unveiled. Too many I juz cant type. Where should I start?

Rhetorically when one looks and feels the wind blowing around him he would enjoy the sight and feeling but what happens if he gets distracted with a beautiful thing and gets blown away by the hard, strong wind? Luckily he still has his principles and hangs on although the beautiful things in life seem to make him ponder. Could I be him? One who does hav his principles or one who lost his sense with the amusements of life? Truly, I wish to be the wind than that man.

These few months have potrayed and painted my life with absolute misery and untold excitement. Stories would bore you but I could simplify everything in one word, “wonderful”. Learning more about life is such a wonderful hobby it is unexplainable. You can call me weird but probably I could be in order to make my future secured and better than I planned.

Much has since happened and realising I’m becoming tougher than bolts and nuts when it comes to making decision, my life felt much better as I have myself and it seems, my surrounding under control. My ears could still hear those words around this year by my senior; “From what has happened you are a man of no principles”. It touched my heart so much, it does in a hurtful way. It’s like someone stabbing you with that words which appears to be much painful than a knife. I am thankful to him and I thank Allah for showing me the straight path, it only serves to empower me.

After the terendak camp I changed, and after this semester I changed again. Undeniably still the same person but induced with knowledge and experiences never thought of before. Thankful to be fed with all these, they should then be careful in their acts as they are not dealing with the same man before.

Ah politics. Be a leader and if u choose to hate it you’ll just get smacked by your enemies. In simpler terms, “kene pijak kepala”. Forget about the politics of democrats and republicans, the toughness of eisenhower nor creating straw man for your own purposes, it does effect anybody’s principle. At least there is God and he guides the way for those who is right and potrays those who oppress. But certain lessons are to be learnt, never feel great about yourself. Living in a world full of knowledge, books are right in front of you to squash your oppoenents to pieces. If it not has been my principles and my devotion to religion, gates of hell would have been opened long before.

But to my people fear me not, as I will be answerable to God of my deeds and I wish the best for all of you. As the semester comes to a close, enemies emerge, new friends come along the way and loyal companions stays. But why? Definitely for friends and companions it was out of sincerity and devotion to serve and to be proud of their college, their home. As long as these friendship and traditions binds and soon to be created among the future leaders, never will our college be the source of power mongers and lying scoundrels in order to achieve personal power supremacy.

Take it as this, one can choose to be these 3 elements, a carrot, egg or coffee bean. Taking each element into separate boiling water, all produce different outcome. A carrot becomes tough and hard while the egg becomes soft and finally the coffee bean produces aroma and dilutes the water with it’s colour. As the boiling water is taken as the example of hardships in life, you can imagine which element you want to be. Unfortunately, it is with deep regret a carrot emerged and destroyed the friendship between both parties. I guess that’s life, choose sincerity and they love you soon after, choose hypocrisy and they love you now, but you’ll soon suffer misery and hatred in the end.

Those are parables and deep thoughts accounted for to understand. At least, my feelings are potrayed through words. Fortunately with all those evil realities in life, happiness emerge everywhere. Like da one who reminded me, happiness is like a butterfly, when u standstill it’ll come to you. And I believe it does.

As my 3rd semester and half presidency comes to a close, I wish the best for my friends, companions and enemies. May life brings you happiness and smiles along the way;-)


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